National Mathematics Honor Society - Founded 1931

Starting a KME Chapter

Kappa Mu Epsilon is interested in expanding and invites inquiry from departments in accredited colleges and universities where it can be shown that the organization of a chapter would be mutually advantageous. Information concerning the organization of a group to petition for a chapter of Kappa Mu Epsilon is available upon request to the National President, Dr. Don Tosh.

The Constitution provides that "An organized group of at least ten members from an accredited (by the appropriate regional accrediting agency) four year college or university may petition for a chapter." These members may be either students or faculty; student members must meet certain coursework and grade point average requirements.

Kappa Mu Epsilon functions well at many different types of institution. The organization is such that quite satisfactory chapters are maintained in many sizes and varieties of colleges and universities.

The financial obligation of new chapters to the national organization is at most $200. This includes the cost of the chapter's charter and crest and the expenses of the installing officer. The individual membership fee to the national organization is $20 per new member and is paid just once at that individual's initiation. Much of this $20 is returned to the new members in the form of membership certificates and cards, key-pin jewelry, and travel assistance for attending chapters at national conventions. Local chapters are allowed to collect semester or yearly dues as well.

The petition itself, which is the formal application for the establishment of a chapter, requests information about the petitioning group, the academic qualifications of the eligible petitioning students, the mathematics faculty, mathematics course offerings and other facts about the institution. It also requests evidence of faculty and administrative approval and support of the petition. Petitions are subject to approval by the National Council and ratification by the current chapters.

New Initiates

New Chapter Petition

Members of chapters upon moving to the locality of another chapter may become affiliated there with by presenting credentials of membership in good standing from the secretary of the initiating chapter.